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From the SWFL Section President January 2017

From the ‘New’  President Jan 2017:

Greetings to all members of the MBCA in SW Florida, from as far south as Marco Island, all the way to the most northern areas of Venice. Over 400+ strong, we can be proud of being the largest Section in the Southwest Region. Nationally, there are 85 sections, in 12 Regions. Our previous leadership with Tom and Anne Harruff, dramatically increased the membership, as well as events and outings, and achieved awards and accolades.

As the new President, I have a tough act to follow, but the outline is there to continue the club’s progress and achieve experiences that we can all share and find fun and entertaining. This is what club membership is all about!

After all, this is YOUR CLUB, comprised of friends who are considered family to some of us. Regardless of the year or condition of your Mercedes-Benz, you are welcome to not only attend any or all of our functions, but to throw out ideas for the group to consider. These could be car shows, brunches, dinners, picnics, shows and plays, museums, historical places, races, tours etc. We welcome your input! Our previous leader, Tom always mentioned ‘you will be our best spokesman for recruiting new Club members’. We are always looking for volunteers to become directors, in charge of an event, or helping the club on web sites, newsletters and assistants. Whatever part you can provide will benefit all of us!

I will inform you on the details, flyers, contacts and dates of upcoming events and gatherings. These have been continued from prior years and are presented in our emails. But, we are always looking to new choices and opportunities to have a gathering of members.

My experience with Mercedes-Benz automobiles is based on over 20 plus years of ownership, known as the ‘Classics’. Of the 5 MB’s currently owned, the newest is 24 years old, and the oldest is 44 years old! Since that era -70’s thru 90’s, is my specialty, it appears that I am quite knowledgeable on values, parts, service, forums, restoration and shows. I offer my experience in these areas to any member! Please contact me with any questions or comments.

My wife Monica has become the Club Secretary and also in charge of the “Ladies of Mercedes”, planning a wide variety of functions.  She is very supportive of my new role, and at my recent birthday, sang the’ Marilyn Monroe version’ to me! LOL!

Ron Cordeau


Ron Cordeau